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Journalist and Spy features monthly, short profiles of journalists who were spies, and spies who used journalism as a cover for espionage. Over on Glitch Cat, I write about journalism, security, and digital rights, and sometimes fact-check articles and policy proposals.

Who are you?

I’m the founder of Granitt, a consultancy focused on securing journalists and at-risk people. I’m a member of the Aspen Institute’s Global Cyber Group. My work builds upon my experiences from The New York Times, Freedom of the Press Foundation, and the Tor Project. Norwegian-American based in NYC. Frequent traveler. Foodie.

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To get in touch, send an email to runa.sandvik@gmail.com.

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Featuring journalists who worked as spies and spies who used journalism as a cover.


Founder of Granitt, securing journalists and at-risk people around the world.